CannonPudge Catapult is a game that can be played on the Cats Don't Dance DVD when inserted into a computer.

The game is based on a scene from the movie, where Pudge activates a trap door that Darla falls into after she reveals that she flooded the stage. The game has three difficulty modes, ranging from easy to hard. The easy mode has three levels, and the medium and hard modes each have four levels.


The objective is to shoot Pudge out of a cannon and have him land on the platform with the lever that controls the trap door. The player aims the cannon by moving the mouse. Once the cannon is aimed, the player must hold down the mouse button to determine how much pressure will be used, and release the mouse button to fire Pudge from the cannon. The player has unlimited tries to get Pudge on the platform. The platform that the trap door lever is on doesn't move at all in the first level, and moves in a different pattern in each successive level.



  • The game's instructions imply that Max will appear in the game as an obstacle. However, he never appears in this game, even in hard mode.