Darla-Dodge Catwalk is a game that can be played on the Cats Don't Dance DVD when inserted into a computer.

The game is based on a scene from the movie, where Darla tries to throw colored lights at Danny and Sawyer to sabotage their performance. The game has three difficulty modes, ranging from easy to hard. Each difficulty mode has five levels.


The player controls Danny using the arrow keys, to make him climb up, down, left and right across ropes that lead to the top of the stage. Darla Dimple will throw colored lights and clear spotlight bulbs at Danny from the top of the stage. The objective is to dodge the colored lights, which hurt Danny, and catch the clear spotlight bulbs, which are needed to light the spotlights. The player must light all eight spotlights to advance to the next level.

Danny can carry up to three spotlight bulbs at a time. If Danny touches a spotlight while carrying at least one light bulb, that spotlight will light up, but if he touches a spotlight while he is empty-handed, he will get electrocuted. Occasionally, Max will also appear on the right side of the screen, and try to shock Danny using a static electricity-charged Pudge. Each time Danny gets hit by one of Darla's colored lights or gets shocked, he loses a life, and one of the lit spotlights will go out. If he loses all three lives, the player gets a game over.



  • On the DVD's cover, the game's title is mistakenly written as "Darla/Dodge Cakewalk".
  • It is possible to encounter at least two types of glitches, both of which prevent the player from continuing the game:
    • After choosing a difficulty mode, Darla doesn't drop any lights, making it impossible to light the spotlights.
    • After lighting all of the spotlights, the player doesn't advance to the next level, and is instead be stuck in limbo.