Voice Actor/Actress

Mark Dindal


Greedy, loyal, sinister, evil, sarcastic, powerful, cruel, mysterious, rude, destructive, hateful, intimidating, cold


Colossal, extremely muscular, strong, heavy, broad, slender, bulky, fair skin, completely bald, black tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, brown eyes, red rose on his tuxedo


Darla Dimple


Danny, Sawyer, Pudge


Flown away on the balloon and later dies


"How does the kitty cat go?"

Max is Darla Dimple's colossal man-servant and the secondary antagonist in the animated film "Cats Don't Dance". He is also Darla's legal guardian. He provides the muscle that Darla lacks (due to the latter's childhood) and is a force to be reckoned with, capable of inhuman strength: in fact for a large part of the movie Max was seen as almost invincible (due to a combination of his strength and his gigantic size) - his arrival caused people to flee in terror and it was clear from his first appearance that he was the tool by which the bratty Darla maintained her power. As well as providing Darla with an impressive enforcer Max also served as her manservant - performing any task she asked of him. He showed surprising gentleness towards Darla and was very fond of her: this loyalty could arguably be a redeeming feature to the otherwise thuggish character. In the end though, he was still basically an oppressive bully. Darla didn't really appreciate Max at all and often treated him badly (though Darla treated everyone badly, unless doing so would endanger her status as a celebrity). Max was defeated near the end of the film when he was tricked into climbing a giant balloon (shaped like Darla) during the opening of a stage show - when the balloon popped Max was sent hurling across the skies. In a scene at the end of the movie, after Darla is defeated, she calls for him as she falls. Max is seen on the balloon, located in Paris saying, "Oui (yes) Miss Dimple!" as the balloon deflates. He is silent, evil, and argumentative.

Director Mark Dindal did his voice.

Inspiration Paris from Romeo And Juliet



Trivia Edit

Max is voiced by the film's director Mark Dindal, whose dialogue was originally scratch dialgoue. However, the film began to run out of money so instead of securing another actor Dindal's dialogue was retained.